Golden Globes 2012: In Excess

Repeat after me: don’t let the dress wear you.

These ladies are lovely and don’t need that much embellishment. Stylists, take note.

Elle Macpherson in Zac Posen - closeup at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards on
Ms. Macpherson is a big enough personality. She didn't need the larger than life hair.
Elle Macpherson in Zac Posen  at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards on
...or the frou...and tulle...and yardage. Super-lost in the dress.
Does Charlize Theron really need to be nearly naked to get attention?
I know she's got a Dior contract, but did they have to use all the bows and frills in France to build her dress?
Charlize Theron in Alaïa in January 2012 on
Look how stunning she looked in Alaïa, last week!
Lea Michele in Marchesa at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards on
Lea Michele is in the spotlight right now and she can do so much with her fashion.
Lea Michele  at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards on
Instead, she's overexposed. There were many Marchesa choices that would have worked better than this one.

Nothing wrong with the ladies – just their fashion choices for this event.

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Images: Michele photos by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America; Theron at Golden Globes photos via JustJared; Theron in Alaïa photo via; Macpherson head shot photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America; Macpherson full shot from AP via The Globe and Mail.

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