Golden Globes 2012: Young and Old

First rule of red carpet dressing: don’t let the dress wear you.

Second? Be age and personality-appropriate when it comes to your evening attire (when a gazillion people are watching). There are those that are young at heart and those that are old souls – it isn’t about paying attention to the number of years you’ve been on the planet, but rather, at the image and personality you project.

Here are some visual examples of what worked and what didn’t, when it came to young and old on this year’s GG red carpet.

There were some ladies who aren’t quite part of the Museum ladies-who-lunch-and-fundraise set as yet, so I don’t think they need to dress that way for a few more years, at least.

Claire Danes in J Mendel at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards on
Very old New York - why was Claire Danes in J. Mendel?
Jessica Chastain at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards on
Part of the fundraising set vs. the fun-raising set: Jessica Chastain in Givenchy (there were better choices from that collection, no?).
Angelina Jolie in Versace at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards on
Why be old Hollywood when you represent new Hollywood? Would have loved to see her in something edgy - Todd Lynn, Ann D, something Belgian or Japanese...
Shailene Woodley at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards on
Pretty dress, but not for the under-40 set. I would have worn it with a cropped motorcycle jacket.
Ariel Winter in Dolce and Gabbana  at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards on
Ariel Winter looked adorable in this purple Dolce frock and Charlotte Olympia heels...
Ariel Winter in Dolce and Gabbana - closeup at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards on
...but does a girl who is not allowed to have a cell phone yet (as she told one of the hosts on E! that night), really need a push-up bra? Stylists, tsk, tsk.

Just because fashion is available to all celebs, en masse, doesn’t mean that everything is made for everyone – especially when there are soooo many professional stylists involved!

To end on a positive note, here are a few ladies that got it right when it came to balancing what was appropriate for their age, body and personality – in each unique case, you see the woman, then the outfit…and you nod in agreement.

Owen and Laura Wilson at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards on
Owen, with his mom, Laura. Now she could have easily opted for the predictable American designer ballgown, but I love that she embraced her personality and did the A-line knee-length and showed off her groovy gams.

Evan Rachel Wood changed her peacock-coloured feather gown for the party circuit. The suit was a nice twist, I thought.

Evan Rachel Wood at the HBO After Party - 2012 Golden Globe Awards on
Evan Rachel Wood showed up at the HBO after party in this fab skinny suit.

However, I think my fave dress that night – and one that didn’t make it in time for my Best Dressed post – was Georgina Chapman in Marchesa.

Georgina Chapman at the Weinstein After Party - 2012 Golden Globe Awards on
Like a Roman, Egyptian and Greek goddess, wrapped in one gorgeous woman.

Her look at the Weinstein after-party was effortless – and flawless.

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Images: Danes photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America; Chastain photo via The Australian; Jolie image via The Sydney Morning Herald; Woodley and Winter photos by Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America; Wilson photo via MSN Wonderwall; Wood and Chapman photos via

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