Kallol’s Kala-eidoscope

There is colour and there is the absorption of all light, in the form of black.

These are the contrasts that exist in the new fashion of India.

However, contrasts luxuriate freely in this land and I cannot imagine India without them.

I am listening to the voices that emerge from the lone pride of the smallest villages to cities bursting with throngs of creative spirits.

Each season, that collective vocabulary gets stronger.

One individual within that collective is beginning to stand apart, for me. I took note of his work a couple of seasons ago, storing it in the fashion archive that resides in my mind.

His name is Kallol Datta.

And while technically, black (a hue he crafts into new and interesting shapes each season) is the absence of light, light definitely emanates from his talent.

Kallol Datta AW12 Buttoned Cape Tunic on Exshoesme.com
Kallol Datta 1955 buttoned cape tunic for FW12. Fashion in the Motherland takes on a new shape.

I’ll have more on Datta in the coming weeks.

[Update Feb 22: Read all WLIFW12 posts.]

Photo courtesy of WLIFW.

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