April Foulards

The weather can’t seem to decide what season it is. That twice a year closet changeover is turning into an every-two-months rotation, ‘innit?

As you clean and store the cozy cashmere and moth-proof the mohair (surely we won’t need those again this year…will we?), you might still want to have a few scarves around, just in case.

I always keep a few silk pashminas out for early spring (not those horrid polyester scraps the stores label “pashminas”, by the way). The full-size shawls are handy when trenches can be tossed aside, but you still need a little cover, or worn knotted over your trench for additional warmth (because you just can’t go back to that dreaded winter coat when a windchill returns).

As the temperature rises and you (gasp!) switch to your un-lined trench, a colourful vintage silk scarf adds a je ne sais quoi and whisper-thin wind-proofing to boot.

Then, there are those random summer-in-spring days, where you can de-layer but want a little something to cover up, if only for stylish pursuits.

These foulards by Philippe Dubuc are sure to do the trick.

Philippe Dubuc White Cotton and Silk SS12 Scarf on Exshoesme.com
Don't be a-frayed to throw on a scarf as the season warms up.
Philippe Dubuc Grey Linen SS12 Scarf on Exshoesme.com
Equally at home with jeans or Junya.
Philippe Dubuc Grey and White Linen SS12 Scarf on Exshoesme.com
This would be perfect over a linen kurta - on both men and women.

Don’t let this weather fool you, it’s best to be prepared – and primped.

…And no, this is not an April Fool.

I am back.

Fashion and I are working through our separation.

There’s many years of love that I’m not willing to let go of…

Original images via Dubuc, modified and framed by moi…because I thought they were works of art.

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