Google, Unzipped

The designers at Goog are making us smile, again. Today’s Google Doodle is dedicated to this man…

Gideon Sundback on
Gideon Sundback had innovation, zipped up.

You can thank him for keeping your pants up!

Google Zipper Doodle - Closed on
Zip over to
Google Zipper Doodle - Partially Open on
And you can thank the innovators at Goog for this witty wonder.
Google Zipper Doodle - Open on
Brand new, each time.

As a brand police officer from time to time, I love seeing a company that doesn’t take its visual self so seriously.

For those that attended the talk I curated and moderated during Social Media Week 2010, you’ll remember Alexandra Palmer, Senior Curator of Textiles & Costume at the Royal Ontario Museum, talking about the technological shifts that changed fashion. The zipper was one such shift she spoke about.

Imagine your life without it…

Sundback image via

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