My dear old punk friends, remove all sharp objects from your line of sight before you go any further.

This is not a joke.

Your Docs now have heel-ing flower power.

Dr. Martens Flower Liberty Print 8 Hole Boots on Exshoesme.com
You are not being punk'd, this is a real collaboration.

Brit retailer Liberty has teamed up with compatriot brand, Dr. Martens to produce printed shoes, boots and satchels.

I kid you not.

But kids? They will love these.

Dr. Martens Strawberry Thief Liberty Print 3 Hole Shoe on Exshoesme.com
The "Strawberry Thief" print that just stole the stomping-good memories of every concert you attended in your youth.
Dr. Martens Strawberry Thief Liberty Print 8 Hole Boots on Exshoesme.com
Winged Docs? Punk grownups everywhere just whinged a little.

Now, of course, Dr. Maertens, the man, didn’t design these for the punks, back in the ’60s. He and chum Dr. Funck (really!) created the original boot with air-cushioned soles for a foot injury. The shoes and boots became part of the fabric of youth culture in England when suited, ska-loving skinheads donned them (with black and white laces, nach). These early skinheads are not to be confused with the politically driven groups of later years, by the way.  Pete Townshend (“Who?”, you younger kids, ask…) also wore a pair on stage and they officially became part of the uniform of rebellion. They were originally boots for the working class, now working for a cause.

These days, that rebel’s cause is rooted in gardens and flowers, in the suburbs of the world.

Keep calm and carry on.

You can go back to polishing your trusted cherry/hunter-green 20-hole original Docs now.

Images courtesy of Liberty.


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