It’s all about Versailles right now, isn’t it?

Well, I ver-sighed this morning for two reasons.

First, I realized that clearly, I either have a severe case of fashion fatigue – or I have been living in a parallel universe (wearing bright colours, straight-angled clothing and flat shoes).

How else could Uncle Karl’s Cruise collection – usually my Spring highlight – not be on my radar? Was I in a fashion haze? Has it all become a fuzzy maze? Will my dear uncle be fazed, should he hear of it? I, too, am simply amazed.

I mean, it is the event leading up to Cannes. Was there less press? Or have I been merely too stressed?

Second, I did sigh again when I found the show was in Versailles. Hmmm…the backdrop for many fashion shops, these days.

Before you call in the well-heeled healers to cure me of my state, I’ll have you know that it wasn’t hate that led me to Twitter the precise moment the show started.

It was simply fashion fate.

Uncle Karl and I have a Kosmic connection, like that.

I’ll have more from the show soon-ish.

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