Cannes 2012: Cannes You Stand It?

No…no, you cannot stand upon it.

Laying the Red Carpet at the 65th Annual Cannes Festival May 16 2012 on
The filmiest of red carpets.

Bare your soul as you might, passionately make a case for your plight, but you may not walk upon that path which is strewn with Silver Screen sprinters. They walk on gilded splinters…or, stilettos by designers whose names they may not be able to pronounce.

But I’ll have every ounce of coverage and every inch of un-coverage when it comes to the fashion feast that is the 65th annual Cannes Film Festival.

The Red Carpet Stairs Await at the 65th Annual Cannes Festival May 16 2012 on
Marilyn watches over ze tapis rouge.

Stay on your toes, and watch this space.

In the meantime, step up and catch up on all Cannes 2011 posts. And yes, I’ll have more from the Met, too…I haven’t forgotten. Plus, Uncle Karl’s antics and antiquities, aussi. Busy week ahead!

[Update: Follow all Cannes 2012 posts.]

Photos: 1. Ian Gavan/Getty Images Europe; 2. Michael Buckner/Getty Images Europe.

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