Buffalo Gals

Vivienne Westwood’s team posted this pic on the company’s Facebook page earlier today, and it reminded me of how long I’ve admired the genius that is Auntie Viv.

The “Buffalo Girls” collection from FW 82/83 was our eccentric aunt’s last collaboration with then boyfriend, punk uncle, Malcolm McLaren.

Buffalo Girls FW82  Collection by Vivienne Westwood on Exshoesme.com
You can still see the influence from this 1982 collection on runways today.

She was inspired by Peruvian women for this particular collection.

We continue to be inspired by her. She gave us access to the global village, decades before the term was ever coined on these here, Internets.

Here’s the matching tune from Mr. McLaren…rest his bad-ass soul.


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Image courtesy of Vivienne Westwood et al.

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