Long Lost Friend

While Lloyd Cole may sing about the need for a Brand New Friend, I am finding that it’s the old and dear that are nearer to my heart at the moment.

I had a polka dot phase for at least two years of my past life – it was my foray into “print” and a change from “just plain black”.

Long jackets have also long been friends of mine and I still have many in my fall wardrobe, tucked away during the summer months, opting for long shirts and tunics as it swelters. The long and lean silhouette has always been my fashion eye’s resting place.

There was a moment in fashion where men’s jackets exceeded expectations, too. It was a moment that didn’t last long, I’m afraid. Mainstream men feared it.

Well, it’s back. After years of the slim trim look (lovely, but let’s move on now, shall we?) and the dreaded no-sock, I-shrunk-my-everything-in-the-dryer looks, it is lovely to see a return to elegance for men.

I’ve had a longing for it.

To no one’s surprise, they still do it big (and better!) in Japan…

Yohji Yamamoto Homme Pre-Fall 2012 Long Navy Jacket and Polka Dot Shirt on Exshoesme.com
Mr. Yamamoto’s knee-length suit jacket and polka shirt for Pre-Fall 2012/13.

And it’s in navy! So smart, Mr. Yamamoto, so smart.

It’s definitely one of my favourite men’s looks for fall. Careful gents – if you go to lengths like these,  women are sure to follow.

Image courtesy of the Yohji Yamamoto Conduit Street shop, London.

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