Where’s Jyotika?

My dears, were you worried?

Sweet of you.

I am still here – just getting a bit of beauty rest.

It seems my trial separation with my darling Fashion has lasted a wee bit longer than expected.

We are working through it.

I’ve never been one for summer fashion…

Of course, I still know its whereabouts (because, deep down, I still care). I’ve been watching the antics – the Margiela and H&M hookup; the 1,475 collections that have been shown since we spoke a few weeks ago (I mean, really?); plus, the professional marketer in me has some thoughts on Slimane Laurent (as it will surely be called soon enough?).

As the breeze occasionally dances to a fall tune, my (stiletto’d) inspiration starts to tap her feet.

She, and I, will be back to regular posts before you put away your summer whites.

Vogue July 1919 on Exshoesme.com
A little beach (in black!) inspiration from Vogue, circa July 1919.

 Image courtesy of Conde Nast.

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  1. ala
    August 3, 2012


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