Anna’s Big Night Out

Hear that sound?

…That rustle of global shopping bags?

…That silent cha-ching of credit card chip readers?

…The collective stilettoed footsteps of fashion girls (and some boys) in New York, Montreal, Toronto, Paris, London, Sydney and beyond?

Well, it’s for a very good reason.

If you haven’t heard/or read your emails/or have unfriended your Facebook/or have teetered off of Twitter and have generally separated yourself from social contact, tonight (and in some cities like Mumbai and Delhi – tomorrow night) is Fashion’s Night Out.

Now in its fourth year, #FNO was originally devised to boost fashion retail sales during tough economic times. The global event, held this year in almost 20 countries, is sponsored and trademarked by the CFDA and Vogue, with the main mastermind behind it being one Ms. Wintour.

So, in honour of our dear Ah-na, I thought I’d show you some snaps from her big night out in NYC tonight. She was mingling with the masses!

Mind the master, won’t you?

1. Anna Wintour Kicks Off Fashion's Night Out 2012 in New York at Calvin Klein. Photo via @RebeccaDavis
1. Anna Wintour kicks things off at Calvin Klein.
2. Anna Wintour with Dwayne Wade at Calvin Klein during Fashion's Night Out 2012, NYC. Photo: Mat Szwajkos for Swig Social
2. Admiring her own work, with Dwayne Wade at Calvin Klein.
3.  Anna Wintour at Saks Fifth Avenue for Fashion's  Night Out 2012 with Darren Criss. Photo via  @iamglennmiller
3. At Saks Fifth Avenue with Darren Criss.
4. Anna Wintour at Bergdorf Goodman during Fashion's Night Out 2012 in New York With Victoria Beckham Photo via @schwopping
4. Posh fashion sisters at Bergdorf’s.
5. Anna Wintour at QVC during Fashion's Night Out 2012 in New York Photo via @QVC
5. Anna sure gets around. Here she is at QVC (!) with Vogues awaiting her signature.
6. Anna Wintour at Jeffrey with Jessica Chastain during Fashion's Night Out 2012 in New York Photo via @FootwearNews
6. Packing heat with Jessica Chastain at Jeffrey in the meatpacking.

Did I venture out for FNO, you ask? I’m more of a Fashion Night (in) kind of girl.

Images via: 1. @RebeccaDavis 2. Mat Szwajkos for Swig Social via @FNOnyc 3. @iamglennmiller 4. @shwopping 5. @QVC 6. @FootwearNews


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