TIFF12: Booted Up

There are many people booting around town in Toronto this week. The Toronto International Film Festival kicked off on September 6th and many film goers have been running between screenings.

The footwear of moviegoers falls into two categories: comfortable or sky-high; the choice being driven by whether you’re attending a gala premiere or not, whether you’ve slept a few hours the night before or not (there are 372 films in 10 days, press conferences, parties, post-film cocktailers, blah, blah, blah).

Despite the chaos, the city takes on a great energy in these 10 days – there is an ease in the air (perhaps not so much for the PR mavens running all the events?).

There is something about Toronto that seems to make the stars feel at ease, I think. So many of them love being here. We are Canadian after all, and do extend a warm welcome, despite the waft of crisp fall air that seems to have arrived along with the celebs, reminding us of pashminas and layering and alas, of boots.

Is it any wonder that two cool cats in town for two separate films, had a similar idea when it came to walking down the red carpet?

Johnny Depp in motorcycle boots at the West of Memphis premiere at The Toronto International Film Festival 2012 on Exshoesme.com
This look Depp-initely works on some gentlemen.
Ewan McGregor in lace-up boots at The Impossible premiere at The Toronto International Film Festival 2012 on Exshoesme.com
No problem spotting this trained professional.

Thanks for not disappointing, Mr. McGregor.

I know two younger lads are in town for the premiere of On the Road (and getting great reviews), but I’d love an over-40 version of Kerouac’s timeless tale, starring Ewan McGregor and Johnny Depp, with their own wardrobes stashed in the trunk. More pics of their full ensembles in my best dressed men roundup, soonish, along with many other observations of both fashion on the red carpet and onscreen. Will try to squeeze in a bit of writing between films…

Photos: Jason Merritt Getty Images North America

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