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The modern minimalist me loves the clean lines I’ve seen in some couture collections this season.

The glamorous gal that sometimes resides within those clean black and white lines loves the full-on, head-on, go on, more, more, more, that is the essence of old haute couture.

Every detail should be dripping with drama, every element should elevate the equation of fashion. And really, who does that better than Jean Paul Gaultier?

I am still fully digesting Monsieur Gaultier’s spring couture dream – I try not to read reviews and just let the images sink in to my consciousness, so I can tell you what I see.

These accessories dared me to maximize the moment. Every moment.

Jean Paul Gaultier SS13 Couture Earring on
The peacock earring at Jean Paul Gaultier – climbing couture.
Jean Paul Gaultier SS13 Couture Payal Platforms on
Payal platforms – exceeding expectations, crushing conformity.

The great thing about these excessories, is how they change your view of yourself. You might be wearing a simple white shirt (okay, it’s bespoke) and tailored black pants (okay, they’re Japanese), but clip these onto your ears or wrap those payals around your ankles with an, ahem, more grounded 4-inch heel and pointed toe and you’ve completely re-invented yourself for the season.

Dream a slightly more couture-y version of yourselves this spring, my darlings.

Photo by Gianni Pucci / InDigitalteam / Go Runway via

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