Cannes 2013: Raf’s Raffle Prize

If there are red carpet lotteries, then Cannes is the millions-for-life edition, or in fashion-speak, sales spikes for the next couple of seasons, at least. Raf Simons seems to have won the red carpet raffle this time – if the opening ceremony at Cannes is any indication.

First, there was Zhang Ziyi, looking perfect in peplum and pants. Then, Nicole Kidman took her floral SS13 couture to new heights with her ponytail ‘pohawk’.

Julianne Moore, a recurring member of both the best-tressed and the best-dressed clubs, also opted for Dior Spring 2013 Couture tonight.

On someone else, this dress would have been too simple (the best couture in my opinion, often is the one that looks the simplest but is secretly made with diamond thread by a million fashion fairies). Ms. Moore, however, shines within it.

Julianne Moore in Dior Couture at the Cannes 2013 Opening Ceremony on Photo Andreas Rentz
Julianne Moore est belle in a Dior bell-skirted gown.

I also loved her locks, forever fuss-free and fabulous.

Julianne Moore at the Cannes 2013 Opening Ceremony on Photo Pascal Le Segretain
Très chic tresses.

Loved the tresses, loved the dress, but I digress…did Ms. Moore get photobombed by a Bollywood babe?

Julianne Moore in Dior at the Cannes 2013 Opening Ceremony on Photo Andreas Rentz
Sonam Kapoor “borrows” a bit of the carpet, cheeky Bolly dolly that she is.

Why am I not surprised, Sonam? More to come on Ms. Kapoor and other starlets who can’t seem to find their way off of a red carpet…anywhere.

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Images: 1, 3. Andreas Rentz; 2. Pascal Le Segretain – all Getty.

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