SAG Awards 2014: Props for Best Dressed

I gave her props for her use of props at the Golden Globes last week. Tonight, I’m giving her props for being best dressed at the SAG Awards.

I felt like Emma Thompson finally chucked all the nonsense in the bin and went with something that shows her true personality. Oh, and what a personality it is (with an exclamation mark, please)!

She wore a 1930s vintage parrot-encrusted gown from William Vintage (cheeky monkey, since parrot green showed up on more than one red carpet this week).

So much talk of old Hollywood glamour, yet no one acknowledged this genuine example of it! I loved the draping at the sides and the fact that it didn’t hit the ground.

Emma Thompson at the 2014 SAG Awards on Frederick M. Brown Getty photo
Emma, at ease. Bet the others were green with envy.
Emma Thompson and Meryl Streep at the 2014 SAG Awards on Ethan Miller Getty photo
Grand dames – laughing it up with Meryl (in Stella).

Wait, maybe it was a bird of a different feather. Alas, she didn’t follow the flock. It was so refreshing amongst the mermaids (What? They don’t sing to me…), the sleepy strapless numbers and the usual more-is-more that stylists like to pile on their clients. There was a certain authenticity to it.

Emma Thompson presenting an award to Michael Douglas at the 2014 SAG Awards on Kevork Djansezian Getty photo
True beauty.
Emma Thompson with Ewan McGregor at the 2014 SAG Awards on Kevork Djansezian Getty photo
Where to look – at Ewan or that embroidery? So torn.

If you had to describe Ms. Thompson in one word, I think authentic would be a splendid choice.

Lupita Nyong'o and Emma Thompson at the 2014 SAG Awards on @shefinds photo
Hamming it up while glamming it up! No need to hide behind Lupita’s Gucci blue…
Lupita Nyong'o with Emma Thompson at the 2014 SAG Awards on @SAGAwards photo
Fun fest: Lupita not letting her off that easy.

There’s a Hindi word that always comes to mind when I see Emma, being Emma: shararti. There isn’t a perfect English definition for it, but you could say it’s a combination of mischievous, naughty, silly and playful.

Emma Thompson, you have always been full of both sense and sensibility (not to mention shararat!) for this girl.

You opted for sensible tonight, but your style sense did not fall flat.

Emma Thompson in Louboutin flats at the 2014 SAG Awards on @CNNshowbiz photo
Gold Louboutin flats on the woman whom I thought walked the tallest tonight.

More to come on Lupita, Mr. McGregor, other SAG contenders and wanderers of alternate red carpets this past week.

Update Jan 19: Catch up on all SAG Awards 2014 posts and if you missed them, all 2014 Golden Globe Awards posts.

Oh, and Ms. Thompson isn’t the first to walk the carpet in flats.

Images: 1. Frederick M. Brown - Getty; 2. Ethan Miller - Getty; 3, 4. Kevork Djansezian - Getty;
5. @shefinds; 6. @SAGawards;7. @CNNshowbiz.

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