Live from New York…It’s Bill Cunningham

The man really should have his own show, don’t you think?

Well, in a way, he does. Tomorrow night, Fern Mallis will be chatting with Bill Cunningham to launch a new season of her Fashion Icons series in New York and the event will be live streamed for the benefit of Mr. Cunningham’s global admirers.

The man who has been shooting street style since before many of us knew what the word internet even meant is one who doesn’t often give interviews. He will be a delight to listen to, if Bill Cunningham: New Yorkthe doc that made him a household name to a whole new generation – is any indication.

I came across one of his lovely video pieces for The New York Times the other day and realized (again) just how much he has to teach us. His photos have been running in the publication for 35 years!

“I remember in the ’50s, it was the same way,” he says matter-of-factly in the video, and for a moment, you picture him photographing circle-skirted women with gloved hands clutching structured bags, beaded cardis draped over their shoulders. In that moment, Mr. Cunningham has taken you with him. I can’t wait to hear more of his stories tomorrow night.

Bill Cunningham Fern Mallis Talk September 2014 on Exshoesme

Fashion Icons: Bill Cunningham with Fern Mallis on

Wednesday Sep, 3 2014 8:00 PM EST — 9:30 PM EST

At the 92Y, NYC

Top image courtesy of Zeitgeist Films; other via 92Y. 

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