Slow Dance

Do you remember that moment?

That moment when the slow beat starts and your pulse quickens?

It’s a blur of black and white, an inter-play of light and dark, a choreography of chiaroscuro.

Don’t stop the dance.

Bryan Ferry’s latest video was released this morning and it’s an exemplary display of an artist collective. It’s a beautifully filmed romp through LA scenes by Brantley Gutierrez, for the song released last year – a collaboration with Norwegian DJ and producer Todd Terje, and a cover of Robert Palmer’s original tune, “Johnny And Mary”.

Yet, it’s very Ferry in every way – slick, impeccably styled (on Brit beauty Eliza Cummings), of the moment, yet recalling echoes past – musical, photographic and artistic.

It leaves one wanting more.

Mr. Ferry is, after all, a master of that dance, of that romance, and we swoon to his tune.

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