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Here at – you, the reader, matter to me – and so does protecting your online privacy, while you are visiting this specific website.

I won’t sell, give away, or scribble your email address, name or any personal information you provide on this site, on the bathroom wall. Or Facebook wall. Or The Wall. It will not be tweeted, or otherwise told.

I may send you a direct email reply if you’ve provided your email address along with a comment or contacted me via the blog. It would be rude not to, no? (Unless you are spamming me – then, you will not get the courtesy of a reply, because spamming is just not very nice.)

If you are making a public comment on this website, it is just that – public. I moderate all comments and reserve the right to not post offensive comments, as I see fit. This is a happy place.

This site uses log files, which means, it (like most other websites) uses those files to collect information about general browsing habits of the collective readership that may tell me what browser, operating system, country, IP address, ISP, platform and page you are coming from – but it’s not specific to you i.e. to information that personally identifies you. It just gives me a general sense of which posts are making people happy and which ones (poor babies) are being ignored and what types of content you, collectively, are seeking. It just helps me to make this site better, overall and tells me how many people are visiting.

I may use outside advertisers and ad networks on this site. These companies may use cookies (sadly, not chocolate chip) to collect information about how the users of this site interact with their ads. That cookie information resides with those specific advertisers and ad networks, not on this site. You can disable cookies within your specific browser settings, if you don’t like them.

I sometimes link to other sites (it is the internet, after all) – and they will have their own privacy policies, separate from mine (as will advertisers and ad networks), so please check their respective sites for their privacy policies.

If I change my views on the privacy of this site, I’ll let you know via a blinking, spinning logo (which means, neither is likely to happen anytime soon).


Other Stuff:

Oh, and one more thing – while I may sell ads on this site (shoes aren’t cheap!), I am not compensated to write anything for this specific site or endorse any particular product. I created to share my thoughts and ideas about fashion with you, along with fashion stories that capture my own interest – and that is what I will continue to do. You can rest assured that the voice and opinions will always be my own.

The writing here is all mine – unless attributed otherwise in the form of quotes and lyrics. I try to always provide credits for images and videos, along with link-backs within each post. If I’ve missed a few, it’s not on purpose. It just means that it was written in the wee hours – email me and I will fix it right away.

If you are concerned about your privacy (or anything else) on this site, email me at exshoesme [at] hotmail [dot] com. Promise to keep that private, too.

I’m glad we had this little talk.

Ready to start/resume your adventures in fashion, one stiletto at a time?

Updated October 25, 2011

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